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Condemned Property Demolition Engagement

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April 2023

Condemned Properties for Demolition
The Department of Permits, Licenses, and Inspections (PLI) routinely inspects structures to assess building integrity. When a structure has been declared a public safety hazard, PLI will condemn the building due to violations under the International Property Maintenance Code, as adopted and amended by City Code.

There may be several remedies for a property owner of a condemned structure to correct the violations present, such as obtaining a private demolition permit to raze the structure, or a building permit to repair. However, many condemned structures in the City of Pittsburgh do not have a responsible owner or agent to abate violations. As conditions worsen, PLI is empowered to demolish structures that become imminently dangerous, meaning that they have potential for the entire or portion of the structure to immediately collapse causing harm to people, property, or obstruct the right of away. The definition of imminent danger according to the International Property Maintenance Code is “a condition which could cause serious or life-threatening injury or death at any time.” Due to limited resources, a structure may be condemned for a number of years before PLI considers a City-funded demolition.

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