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Food City

Welcome to Food City, a city garden dedicated to producing produce, finding friends, and cultivating culture.

Reserve a garden bed for the entire growing season - first come, first serve.

Beds are $30 for the year. All proceeds go to improvements and tools for Food City operation.

For questions, please email:

Views from Food City

About Food City

Our Community Garden

Food City is a permaculture forest garden created in Summer 2012 by the Food City Fellows program of the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. We are located on a quarter of an acre (10,821 square feet) located on four lots at the cross streets of Tripoli Street, Retail Way, and Lovitt Way. TRALI- Three Rivers Agricultural Land Initiative, which is a partnership between Grow Pittsburgh and the Allegheny Land Trust has recently purchased the lots to preserve Food City as a garden indefinitely.

Food City is run by the Community Alliance of Spring Garden-East Deutschtown (CASGED) and neighborhood volunteers as part of the CASGED Community Engagement Committee and currently hosts gardeners from throughout our community.


The site currently hosts a 10 year-old hazelnut tree, a beautiful redbud tree, a healthy fruiting cherry tree and a soapberry tree, the berries of which we hope to harvest and provide free laundry soap for all! There is a large blackberry patch, raspberries and strawberries, with room for more. Each gardener grows a variety of vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers. Food City has free mulch delivered each season for the garden beds, and we mulch the paths as well.

Future goals include repairing parts of the old fence, restoring the Children’s Garden, and planting flowering perennials in each garden bed and on the exterior perimeter around the fence.We plan to increase the number of fruiting trees and bushes while still ensuring ample sunlight for gardeners to grow full-sun plants. Having support in creating a comprehensive landscape design that incorporates a biodiverse array of native and low-maintenance flowering plants would be incredibly helpful to the project!

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