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East Allegheny Neighborhood-Level Traffic Calming


May 15-16, 2024

Project type

Traffic Calming


Concord Street, Tripoli Street and Suismon between the Chestnut and Madison

With the neighborhood of East Allegheny's proximity to I-279 & PA Route 28 and the existing street grid, there are instance of cut-through traffic utilizing three (3) blocks to bypass E Ohio Street and Madison Avenue. Concord Street, Tripoli Street and Suismon between the Chestnut and Madison is the project.

The goal of this project is to reduce cut-through volume and driver's speed in the neighborhood by installing traffic calming measures on these three (3) redundant routes. In addition, it is expected to lessen traffic on Chestnut street which parallels Madison Avenue and is used to access Concord Street, Tripoli Street and Suismon Street.

Planned Improvements
Two (2) speed humps on each street listed above
Upgrade and/or clarify one-way signage at these locations
Re-install bollards/flexposts on the median near the on-ramp for I-279 at Madison and Concord to prevent illegal maneuver entering the on-ramp for I-279 from Concord Street (work to be completed by PennDOT)

Traffic Summary
Classification: Collector
Speed Limit: 25 mph
Average Daily Traffic (ADT): 1,394 vehicles per day
85th % speed: 30 mph
Overall % speeding: 38%

Construction Timeline
Construction is expected to begin on Wednesday, May 15th and expected to last three (3) days.

Any disturbances to traffic will be temporary. Pavement markings on the speed humps will be placed a day or two after actual construction. Signage will be installed in advance of construction.

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