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October Development Conservatorship

The CASGED Board would like to alert our community members of a large conservatorship filing by October Development in our East Deustchtown neighborhood. October Development is the group who built the Comfort Inn on E. Ohio Street.   


Their filing with the court system has over a 100 properties on it. There are various vacant land and structures owned by the city, CASGED and other private companies and individuals. The filing is very aggressive in its timeline and it asks for objections to be filed relatively soon. We wanted to give the community members enough warning so they can check their mail for this notification if they are being targeted. Some of the properties we saw on the list are people’s side yards and occupied structures.  


CASGED plans to defend against conservatorship for the properties we own and potentially help others who need help defending against this filing. Additionally, CASGED is working to provide access to resources for individuals listed in in the Petition. Please contact our office for assistance.

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