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About Us

Prepared by The Allegheny City Society, 2017

Isolation, deterioration, demolition, migration, disempowerment are all terms that could easily have described the conditions facing the residents of East Deutschtown and Spring Garden in the last decades of the 20th century. Community organizations in those neighborhoods had to adapt to issues of property devaluation, loss of population, economic decline and uncertainty. Here were two of the North Side’s oldest and most historic neighborhoods struggling to see light at the end of the tunnel, not a dark dead-end.

It was the organization of a new community-based organization at the beginning of the 21st century that combined the common efforts of these neighborhoods to set the stage for a brighter future. The Community Alliance of Spring Garden - East Deutschtown 

(CASGED) emerged with a positive view of the future. This view encompassed investment, development, and community preservation. This view seeks to move their neighborhood from one of the North Side “neighborhoods in the wings” in the recent North Side drama of development to a place on center stage. Here is a community determined to recognize its history and to embrace its future.


Get Involved!


Joining CASGED is easy! If you are a resident, business owner, or own property in Spring Garden or East Deutschtown, we encourage you to get involved. 


Community Meetings

Join us at our monthly Community Meetings to get updates on what is happening around town and have your voice heard.  Visit out Events page to RSVP!


Join a Committee

Our committees meet monthly and we would love to have you involved. 

  • Community Planning & Development

  • Safety & Infrastructure

  • Community Engagement & Events

You can find the committee meetings listed on our event calendar or email us at for more information.


Donating to CASGED is easy! We accept monetary and in-kind donations. Use the button or Contact us to find out how!

We are always looking to partner with local businesses on events.  Donations such as food & beverages, as well as the supplies to serve them are always needed.  

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Follow Us!

Follow us on Social Media to keep up-to-date with conversations within the community and events.  

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Aside from volunteering your time to participate on one of our committees, we are always looking for volunteers to canvass the neighborhood talking about special events, volunteers to work with the events team, and the CASGED Cleanup Team meets monthly to help keep our neighborhood looking good.  Food City is also in need of volunteers to help cultivate our community garden and green spaces.  

Board of Directors

If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors, simply attend three monthly Community Meetings. Members in good standing can vote and run for a board position.

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1308 Spring Garden Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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